воскресенье, 17 апреля 2016 г.

Stores Sales Forecasting using R+Tableau Approach

In our previous post we described the case of using R interface of Tableau for sales forecasting on the fly. The other case is when sales forecasting and analysis have been performed using appropriate R script and the results of such an analysis are placed in the tableau. For  sales forecasting, we used linear model with LASSO regularization. In the model, we take into account seasonality, promo actions, holidays. The forecasting for each store, performed by R script was loaded into Tableau. In the Tableau dashboard, users can analyze the historical data features such as seasonality, sales aggregations, sales distributions together with displaying of sales forecasting. The forecasting is performed for each individual store in the daily time scale, so users can use tableau to do sales aggregations for stores groups or view sales  days, weeks or months time scale. This case of stores sales analysis can be tested here .

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